Founded in 2020, Claremont Sustainability Consulting is a non-profit organization working to accelerate the transition to a future of sustainable business.

Our Mission


Since our inception, Claremont Sustainability Consulting has been focused on building a more sustainable future of business. 

We believe that business must lead our transition to a sustainable future for both people and the planet. With trillions of dollars in environmental and human damage every year, companies around the world take a large responsibility in global issues ranging from climate change to health concerns. It is therefore indisputable that reshaping the way we do business must be a key solution to a more sustainable future.

Claremont Sustainability Consulting was created to help businesses make a sustainable transition and become a part of the solution to our environmental and social issues. We advise businesses on sustainability strategies to reduce their environmental impact and increase social benefit while improving the financial bottom line in the process. We work with clients on a complimentary basis, creating value both for businesses and our aspiring consultants.

Our Values



Data-driven – we validate our work with science and numbers. 

Simplicity – we strive to create clear and effective solutions. 

Focused – we approach each case on an individual basis to maximize sustainability results. 

Systems Approach – we focus on the interconnections between businesses, people and the environment. 

Work with Nature and People – we believe serving our planet and humans is the reason for business. 

Farmer Brothers



"Our team at Reformation was able to work with a group of student researchers at CSC to support both our science-based target submission as well as considering climate actions to help achieve reduction targets. They were eager to help, learn, and apply their studies to real-world projects. We would definitely work with them again, and are so thankful for their support."

Kathleen Talbot, Chief Sustainability Officer at Reformation