Founded in 2020, Claremont Sustainability Consulting is a non-profit organization accelerating the transition to a future of sustainable business.

Our Mission


Claremont Sustainability Consulting focuses on building a more sustainable future of business. 

We believe that business must lead our transition to a sustainable future for both people and the planet. With trillions of dollars in environmental and human damage every year, companies around the world take a large responsibility in global issues ranging from climate change to health concerns. Reshaping business is the solution to a sustainable future.

Claremont Sustainability Consulting advises businesses on sustainability strategies to reduce environmental impact, increase social benefit, and cut costs in the process. We work with clients on a complimentary basis, creating value both for businesses and our aspiring consultants.

Our Values



Data-driven – we validate our work with science and numbers. 

Simplicity – we create clear and effective solutions. 

Focused – we approach each case on a personalized, individual basis. 

Systems Approach – we focus on the interconnections between businesses, people, and the environment. 

Work with Nature and People – we believe business should serve both our planet and its people. 

Farmer Brothers



"Our team at Reformation was able to work with a group of student researchers at CSC to support both our science-based target submission as well as considering climate actions to help achieve reduction targets. They were eager to help, learn, and apply their studies to real-world projects. We would definitely work with them again, and are so thankful for their support."

Kathleen Talbot, Chief Sustainability Officer at Reformation