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Claremont Sustainability Consulting recruits students across the five Claremont Colleges and of all years at the beginning of each semester. At this time, we are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2023. However, we will most likely be recruiting again at the beginning of the Fall 2024 semester. Any further updates regarding Fall 2024 applications will be found here. 

CSC is looking for people who believe in our mission, bring a unique perspective on sustainability, and are eager to make a positive impact on people and the planet. While we usually work on a complimentary basis with our clients, we offer our team the opportunity for real-world, professional experience in creating sustainable change.

Professional Development

At CSC, we are committed to helping our members grow professionally to reach their career goals. We provide workshops to all new consultants and train them in the different sectors of sustainability consulting. Additionally, CSC hosts various speakers with demonstrated industry expertise at companies like Cisco, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and more to expose our members to the different avenues available in the sustainability consulting world. Finally, in alignment with our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, CSC is dedicated to bringing people of all backgrounds together to create a more inclusive problem-solving space and allow for cross-disciplinary approaches to sustainability consulting.

Application Process

Our application process consists of a written application and a group interview. The written application allows us to learn more about you and how your interests and background might fit in with our organization. The next stage of the application process is the group interview, which will consist of groups of three to four applicants. The group interview will allow us to learn how you work with others, understand how you problem-solve in business situations, and let you learn more about CSC. We primarily evaluate applicants based on their communication skills, creativity, interest and/or experience in sustainability consulting, ability to work in a team, and work ethic.

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