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A CSC Project

Modern Farm

A farm looking implement sustainable farming practices


A small, modern farm in Southern California was looking to turn a mostly empty lot into a vibrant farm that incorporated sustainable farming strategies. The farm wanted to know what crops to grow, how to prepare the soil for agriculture, and what farming techniques they should implement.



  1. Topsoil Management: Determine the condition of current topsoil and find cost effective methods to remediate soil health, ensure sufficient nutrients for crop growth, and maintain long term nutrient stability

  2. Greenhouse Selection: Optimize greenhouse size and design based on the dimensions and crop yield capacity of the farm

  3. Crop Analysis: Provide a playbook of crops to cultivate based on climate, farming methods, and the agricultural market

  4. Growing Methods: Analyze sustainable farming methods and determine the optimal solution taking into account crop type, maintenance costs, and installation costs.


CSC provided a detailed report which included some of the information displayed on the right side of the page



reduction in topsoil remediation cost compared to previous options 


suppliers of greenhouses that fit all required criteria


crops that were optimal for the climate, long term sustainability, farming methods, and profit


was determined to be the most practical sustainable growing method compared to hydroponics and aquaponics 

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


CSC delivered a final comprehensive report and action plan on how to turn an empty lot into a sustainable modern farm that included a cost effective soil remediation strategy, an optimized greenhouse layout with supplier contacts, a recommendation list of crops best fit for climate resistance and profitability, and an agrivoltaics system that provides shade for crops and renewable energy for the farm. 

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